Bible Speed Reading

Bible Speed Reading is a program that began in California by Rev. Gwan Ho Lee.
At its height, hundreds of students all over the State of California enrolled in the program.


Prepare young students to read efficiently at a quicker pace by strengthening:

  1. Concentration
    Students will go through exercises that require the focus and concentration they need to read efficiently.
  2. Vocabulary
    It sounds insane, but students will spend time reading through dictionaries appropriate for their grade level. Once they are familiar with all the words, they will move on to the next level, slowly increasing their level of vocabulary.
    *It also helps with SAT prep early on!
  3. Reading Comprehension
    Understanding what one reads is vital, especially as a student. Students are encouraged to focus on what is important to understanding the sequence and content of readings.

Extra Goals

  1. Love of reading
    We firmly believe in the benefits of speed reading which will require the technical strengthening of concentration, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. But what we really want is for young people to love reading books of all genres and of course, the Bible. With encouragement and rewards from instructors and the evident progression of their reading abilities, we hope students will begin to enjoy reading.
  2. Reading through the Bible
    Traditionally, the Bible Speed Reading program included two retreats annually. Winter 2017, The GYM held a Bible reading retreat where four participants speed read through the entire Bible.
  3. Improve writing
    At the end of each class session, students will read books appropriate to their level and write summaries of what they read. This reinforces reading comprehension, trains students to organize what they read in their minds and on paper, and gives them an opportunity to practice writing complete thoughts.

Class Schedule

1. Long Blue (Eye exercise)
2. Vocabulary
3. Concentration exercise
4. Reading Comprehension
5. Reading
6. Writing
7. Repeat