GYM News: February 2020

새해 복 많이 받으세요~ In this month of love, here are this month’s news!

Daily Bible (매일성경큐티) 

It is our resolution each day, week, month, and year to return to the Word of God. Make it your resolution as a family to save time each day to spend Quality Time with Jesus. Through February, we are learning through the lives of the Patriarchs of faith: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Friday PM (금요기도모임)

From February 7, we will resume Friday PM as we share our weeks and our prayers with each other. It is a special time when we share life with and pray for each other. 

Ice Skating (교육부 아이스케이팅)

February 16, we will gather at Protect Ponds (15 Worlds Fair Dr, Somerset, NJ 08873) at 3:00 pm for ice skating and will end at 5:15pm. We want to invite our friends and have also welcomed some other youth groups to join us. As hosts, we are chipping in $10 (for snacks) but welcoming guests for free.

Lent 2019 (사순절계획)

This year, we are challenging all youth to fundraise for World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.
Lent begins February 26 with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter, April 12.
More details will follow.

3-1 Memorial Day (삼일절기념행사)

This year, on March 1, we are meeting in Bergen County after church to remember the fight for Korean independence. The church van will depart shortly after worship.

Prayer Requests (기도제목):

  1. As parents, please pray for the youth to build a faith foundation
  2. Please pray for youth who are taking Catechism (confirmation) classes
  3. Please pray for Chaplain Kim and peace in the Middle East
  4. Please pray for those affected by the coronavirus and other health issues

Monthly Schedule

2/2 – Superbowl

2/7,14,21 – Friday PM

2/16 – Ice Skating

2/26 – Ash Wednesday (Lent)

2/28 – Iron Chef Fellowship

3/1 – 3-1 Memorial Day





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